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Supermodel Bar Refaeli apparently doesn't share the same eco-friendly outlook as her longtime boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio. She took a small plane from Barbados to Canouan Island last week and didn't seem to like it one bit. A fellow passenger told Page Six that the leggy blonde "was frantically e-mailing on her BlackBerry once she saw the tiny plane." She reacted poorly when "the porter asked her for a tip after putting her luggage under the plane, and that got her even more steamed.

Bar Rafaeli says being a supermodel is easy.
The Israeli clothes horse who is currently dating actor Leonardo Di Caprio - says her only secret to looking good and bagging herself a hot Hollywood hunk is plenty of sleep and water.
She explains, “My secret is to sleep well, drink a lot of water and be happy.
“I don’t really follow any specific diet and fitness regimes. I try to keep healthy so I try to work out whenever I can just to keep well and feel better about myself.

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