Bar Rafaeli - Hurley Adverts

Bar Rafaeli - Hurley Adverts
Bar Rafaeli - Hurley Adverts
Bar Rafaeli - Hurley Adverts

Israeli-born supermodel Bar Rafaeli is on track to become one of the world’s most recognizable figures. She is the new face of action-sports clothing giant Hurley as well as P. Diddy’s newest cologne line I am King. Television and film offers are coming to her in droves, and there seems to be no end in site for the 23-year-old knockout. See, Rafaeli is not your average supermodel. Sure, she’s beautiful, but it’s her charisma and sense of humor that catapult her into a class of her own. She smiles a lot. She laughs a lot. When there is food at the table, she eats a lot. One gets the impression that in an industry plagued by self-importance and vapidity, Rafaeli understands the absurdity of it all. Perhaps being the daughter of a rancher in a country shrouded in violence has given her a unique perspective about the world. She carries an air of effortlessness and nothing seems to adversely affect her positive attitude or her itchy curiosity. And despite the fact that she spends most of her time jet-setting from one exotic location to another, her perfectly shaped feet are planted firmly on the ground.

This past month Malibu Magazine had the pleasure of photographing Rafaeli in a beautiful home in the Santa Monica Mountains that was opened to us at the courtesy of Lord Byron D. Grumble.

How did you first get into modeling?
Since I was a baby, I loved the camera. I was in commercials and ads, and I remember always asking my mom, “When is my next job?” When I was 14, I joined an agency and since then I started modeling more seriously, although I always made school my first priority. I wanted to graduate. So, my career abroad started few years later.

How does your family feel about your career choice?
My family is very supportive. They always say that what makes us kids happy, makes them happy. And they were actually going everywhere with me! Since I started modeling at a very young age and had to travel a lot, they never left me to go by myself. If I had to [travel], I wouldn’t go alone. I can say that without their time and support I could have never dealt with this demanding and tough business.

What are your long-term career goals?
I want to be happy with everything I do, I want to do things that are interesting and creative to me, I want to be able to reach a level that will allow me to raise a family and still, once in a while, choose great, fun jobs.

In your experience, what is the most significant cultural difference between Israel and America?
I don’t even know where to begin — so much resemblance and many differences.

If you could trade places with anyone in the world who would it be and why?
Right now, I’m answering these questions from my home in Israel, so I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! But the American elections are today, so I would probably like to trade with someone in the CNN studio so I could see the results before everyone else!

Where have you traveled in the last year?
Many places in the United States, Morocco, Spain, Italy, England, France, Brazil, Miami, Greece, Israel, Iceland, The Caribbean, The Bahamas and more places that I don’t remember, I’m sure.

Out of all those places, which location stood out as your favorite destination and why?
I had a beautiful time in Greece! I went to Santorini and it was incredible: great food, a lot of history, sun and beautiful sunsets.
How important of a role does diet and fitness play in your daily life?
A big role. After all, it is part of my job. I have to watch out for how I look, but more than that, with all my traveling, I have to make sure I eat right and healthy! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to move! And I like to exercise. It wakes me up and gives me energy.

Where do you feel most at home?
I feel at home in Israel and in Los Angeles. In both places, I have friends and family, places where I like to eat, to work out, etc.

How did you get your name?
Bar means “a boy” in Hebrew (as in bar mitzvah) and also “wild” and “wheat.” My dad always liked the name, but it wasn’t popular at all at that time. He wanted to name a horse Bar (he was into horses since childhood), but then he got a baby girl before he got a horse. (Laughs.)

Tell us about your new partnership with clothing brand Hurley?
Growing up in Israel, I was always hanging out at the beach with my friends, chilling, surfing. When I first met the people from Hurley, I saw that they have the same lifestyle and attitude like mine, and that their brand is more about lifestyle, art and fashion than just a commercial brand. I really believed in it and I was interested. I wanted to take part in their projects, and when I heard they are also doing a lot for charity, I fell in love.

What’s next for Bar Rafaeli?
Working and working. I am now working on few designs with Hurley that we are doing together, which I’m excited about. I just did a TV special for Bravo with Tommy Hilfiger that aired last month, so I tasted TV and I’m looking forward to more. I want to try new things and visit new places. Also, Hurley just arranged a surfing lesson for me with Rob Mechado and I did pretty well, but I need more, so I can’t wait for that either.

In an attempt to get to know you better, please answer the following 10 short-answer questions:

1. What is your favorite food?
Sushi and hummus (but not together), fries and burgers.

2. What is your favorite film of all time?
The Usual Suspects.

3. Who is your favorite actor/actress?
I will see anything with Jennifer Aniston.

4. What is your favorite novel?
I read a lot, but in Hebrew. I would say that the book I would recommend my children to read is The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I think it has a very important message.

5. Who/what is your favorite musician/record?
Maroon 5, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Dixie Chicks, Israeli music — I’m all over the place!

6. What do you consider sexy?

7. What do you despise?

8. How do you define success?

9. What characteristics do you look for in a lover?
A sense of humor, charm, intelligence, he should be a good listener and have family values.

10. What would you consider your strongest physical characteristic?
I would answer it in a more general way and say that I’m not too skinny.

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